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A Behind the Scenes Look at the Practitioners of Law

Every day lawyers are portrayed by actors on television shows, interviewed for news channels, and are the punchline to a set of jokes. Most people make lots of assumptions about what attorneys do and how they spend their time. But with the help of anonymous lawyer, a blog that offers candid information and opinions, readers can get a good idea of what goes on behind the scenes. While some of the content is humorous, other entries often cause the reader to step back and really take the time to rethink important topics and opinions.

It’s easy to see why the blog has gained such a large readership. There are things that happen in the life of a lawyer that most people don’t know about. From the associates who work underneath the author to the frazzled secretaries that may or may not serve a real purpose in the office, there are plenty of stories to be told. When first reading, be sure to go into it with an open mind. And don’t forget to bring your own sense of humor as many comments made tend to be tongue in cheek.

Most people aren’t interested in the mundane, day to day tasks that an attorney performs. But when the stories and examples are written in a way that keeps a person’s attention and occasionally get a chuckle, even simple things can take on a whole new level of interesting. Don’t be afraid to take a peek at the content to find out if this is a blog to add to the favorites list. In addition to learning more about the profession and the inner workings of a firm, there are nuggets of information that are going to be insightful.

Wondering what happens after a client leaves a law firm? Curious about how evidence can become damaged when someone in the office throws up on it? This behind the scenes look isn’t something that is going to fit well with a current episode of Law & Order. Instead, readers are treated to an interesting and easy to read blog that uses current issues as a way to create humor and interest.